"We installed eight SHOCK-WBV units as they have no play or unwanted lateral movement and were the only units where we didn’t suffer from sea sickness"
Vessel Engineer Swedish Coast Guard

"Retro-fitting was simple, fast and great value for money. I was out on the water enjoying the benefits within hours"
Michael Brackenbury BVD Marine

"I’m now able to spend the day comfortably on the water, and feel far less fatigued as a result"
Derek Clark Olympic Coach

“As Whole Body Vibration (WBV) technology continues to advance,SHOCK-WBV's innovative and flexible approach make them the ideal partner to blend our race experience with the latest shock mitigation systems. Our new Ranger 25 Vengeance features Ring High Back Seats with C-series suspension and slider units for both comfort and usability.”
David Jackson Ring Power Craft CEO