R Series Shock Mitigation Unit
R Series Shock Mitigation Unit
R Series Shock Mitigation Unit
R Series Shock Mitigation Unit
R Series Shock Mitigation Unit

R Series Shock Mitigation Unit


R SERIES For Ribs & Jockey Seats

The R Series is specifically designed, tested and manufactured in the UK, to significantly reduce wave shock, and provide comfort, for those on Ribs or jockey seats.
The system can be fitted new, or retrospectively, in a straightforward, cost effective process, keeping existing seat arrangements. Once in place it is simple to adjust for a wide range of passenger weights
and sea conditions.

The SHOCK-WBV: R-series is designed to fit on standard sized fibreglass boxes found on most RIBs, being significantly narrower and longer than other shock mitigation products. With a unit height of 170mm, some fibreglass boxes may need slight height alterations for a retro-fit, or a new fibreglass box can be supplied at a price still significantly cheaper than offshore military style equivalents.

Shock Absorber Options

Both the FOX EVOL an DNM Spring offer fantastic levels of shock reduction. The FOX EVOL shock absorber has an air chamber that can be filled with air and tailored to suit different body weights easily. It has a switch on the front that allows you to change the stiffness and the rate at which the unit to full height so you can really tune it in to your liking and the sea state on the day. 

The DNM spring shock absorber offers a more simpler set up. You can change the stiffness of the shock absorber to suit different body weights by twisting the coil to tighten or loosen the spring, and you can also change the rebound rate by twisting a control on the front of the shock absorber. Changing the stiffness of the shock absorber takes a little longer that the FOX option so we recommend for commercial users that have different people using the boat each day that they specify the FOX shock option.

Materials Used

The SHOCK-WBV: R-series is lightweight and tough as it’s made from aerospace grade aluminium and 316 Stainless Steel. Precision machined aluminium tooling plate is used throughout the R-series as it has no flaws. This means that the R-series can be manufactured to much tighter tolerances than cast aluminium, eliminating ‘play’ (unwanted lateral movement and twisting).

SHOCK-WBV is extensively tested. All parts, and designs, are rigorously tested with hundreds of hours on the water, and in Sea Sure’s  drop test facility.

All SHOCK-WBV units are designed to be used by leisure and commercial users.

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