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R Series

The SHOCK-WBV: R-SERIES is specifically designed, tested and manufactured in the UK, to provide comfort by reducing whole body vibration, for those using RIB or jockey seat suspension units. Now powered by FOX Float EVOL shock absorbers as standard.

The SHOCK-WBV: R-series is designed to fit on standard sized fibreglass boxes found on most RIBs, being significantly narrower and longer than other shock mitigation products. With a unit height of 170mm, some fibreglass boxes may need slight height alterations for a retro-fit, or a new fibreglass box can be supplied at a price still significantly cheaper than offshore military style equivalents.

The R-series is long and narrow to fit standard RIB seats. As such it features three moving hinges on each side (compared to two on other SHOCK-WBV units). The hinges add extra support along the length of the unit, and decrease lateral movement and unwanted twisting. The performance of these small but significant features helps to give a very comfortable ride.

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R Series
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FOX Factory Shock Pump
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SpeedSix 125ml
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