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P Series

THE SHOCK-WBV: P-SERIES is specifically designed, tested and manufactured in the UK to provide comfort by reducing whole body vibration.
Now powered by FOX Float EVOL shock absorbers as standard.

The SHOCK-WBV: P-series has been designed specifically to fit on all standard pedestals and has pre-machined bolting slots to reduce fitting time to as little as 10 minutes. As some pedestals are tall and thin, they can become unstable. Fitting the P-series unit between the pedestal and seat means that the pedestal can be reduced in height by 170mm, and with only 43mm in fore and aft movement, the P-series offers excellent comfort and stability.

The P-series is lightweight and tough as it’s made from aerospace grade aluminium and 316 Stainless Steel. Precision machined aluminium tooling plate is used throughout the P-series as it has no flaws. This means that the P-series can be manufactured to much tighter tolerances than cast aluminium, eliminating ‘play’
(unwanted lateral movement and twisting).

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P Series
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FOX Factory Shock Pump
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SpeedSix 125ml
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