“Shock Mitigation is to reduce or lessen the severity of a sudden or repeating impact.”

The need for Shock Mitigation on boats

For a lot of people, spending time on the water is a way of relaxing and spending time with friends and family. For others being on the water is a typical day at work. Whether being on the water is for fun or work, it is always best to be safe.

It is possible to surpass your recommended daily shock and vibration exposure after as little as 20 minutes on the water.

At the end of a day on the water it is normal to feel tired and even ache. Having a form of shock mitigation could lead to you spending more time enjoying your boat safely and not feeling tired or aching at the end of a day.


SHOCK-WBV is a seat suspension system specifically designed, tested and manufactured in the UK, to significantly reduce shock and whole-body vibration (WBV).

Now powered by World leading Shock Absorber manufacturer FOX.

Because one size never fits all, SHOCK -WBV features third generation design and engineering with units specifically made for commercial vessels (C-series), pedestal mounted seats (P-series) and RIBs (R-series). Each of SHOCK-WBV’s series of seat suspension units are engineered for comfort and are straightforward to adjust for passenger weight and sea conditions.

SHOCK -WBV can be fitted to new boats (or retrospectively by owners) to reduce shock and WBV. Retro-fitting on inshore commercial and leisure boats is a straightforward, cost effective process that will significantly increase the time spent on the water in comfort

SHOCK -WBV only uses the highest grade components. Aircraft grade aluminium plate and 316 stainless steel are used in onsite production in Warsash, Hampshire. Sheet material has higher integrity and tighter tolerances than cast aluminium. It provides strength, reduces weight and increases lateral stability.

SHOCK -WBV, by Sea Sure, has been engineered to reduce WBV to help meet

(EU Directive 2002/44/EC – vibration).